Anal MassageQ I really love my new partner. We get along great and sex is good, but anal sex is my favorite and I don’t know how to get her into it. How can I persuade her? Eddie from Colorado

A Whoa Eddie! I understand your dilemma, but first it is important to remember the No. 1 rule of sexual engagement: Never, ever try to persuade a sex partner to do something they are uncomfortable with.

However, there are a few ways in which you can make it a ‘comfortable possibility’ for her.

Anal sex and politics have something in common: Most folks are adamant about which camp they are in. Republican or Democrat — No Way! or Oh, yeah! (Ben, our Über Geek at SexCoaching.com, mentioned another obvious com­monality, which I won’t share here.) Butt with anal sex, sometimes there is an expedition… (more)

Top 10 Hot Men - No. 1 Mick FleetwoodIt all started with Sarah Palin. Whenever she steps into the spotlight, multitudes of men around the country utter simul­ta­neously, ‘She’s hot!’ Some are more verbose: ‘Palin’s so hot she’s the reason the polar ice cap is melting.’ ‘I’d love to drill her for natural resources.’ ‘Hugh Hefner needs to call her.’ And Palin’s internet admirers prematurely labeled her a VPILF(vice president I’d like to f*#ck).

Those multitudes of drooling men are proclaiming to their partners, and anyone within ear shot, their appreciation of Sarah Palin’s physical attributes. Yet many (most?) dislike her political views, her religious views, her human rights… So, in a man’s world, hot means attractive. Period. In a woman’s world ‘hot’ is not so simply defined (women ‘of a certain age’ that is).

Gender differences fascinate me. And sometimes they confuse me. This one amuses me:
Sarah Palin aside, have you noticed how often men share with their partners – ‘Wow! She’s hot.’ Or ‘She’s got great legs’? My point is: Men put it right out there – no holding back. (more)

Woman smelling a pink roseCrystal Dawn Morris, Tantra Coach, shares this Tantra Sensory Awakening Ritual with us. Personally, this is a favorite – a slow, sensual, intimate connection with your partner.

‘What makes Tantra unique from most spiritual practices is that Tantra embraces the senses as a path to the Divine. It sees the body as a temple for Consciousness to play and explore the material plane. Tantra uses the senses to expand awareness. One way this is done is through the Sensory Awakening Ritual. You and your partner explore the art of giving and receiving pleasure by activating the senses. There is something profound about surrendering totally and allowing all your senses to respond and be awakened. It is a sensuous process that can be light and playful or erotically charged. This ritual is a wonderful way to begin a romantic evening or weekend with your beloved. (more)

Here’s a sexy and playful article on one of our favorite subjects: the penis.

‘…Modern Love suggests that we hold these truths to be self evident, that all penises are created equal. Objectification of the body is COCKamamie (emphasis deliberate) and incompatible with sacred sexuality. It limits pleasure, joy and – since it bears repeating – your average 5.06-inch erect penis is superior to giving a woman a G-spot orgasm. Besides, who wants to make love like a porn star, if you can do it like Tantra gods and goddess’ instead?’

Tinamarie, Modern Love Examiner, includes this Bliss Advocates’s thoughts in her sensational article. Thanks Tinamarie – you rock! You will want to read the entire article – Smaller is better when it comes to G-spot orgasms

Kama Sutra loversCrystal Dawn Morris, a featured expert on SexCoaching.com, shares with us her suggestions for becoming a better lover using tantric techniques.

Are you ready to be a shining star in a crowd of mediocre lovers? Do you want to be unforgettable? Master these 3 gifts and you will be able to surprise the Goddess/es in your life with these powerful skills.

Give Her Your Masculine Presence
Being clear and focused is one of the qualities of masculine energy. Presence is the ability to step out of men­tal chatter and be in the moment. When she feels your masculine presence she will want to open to you. Women like to feel special. When you focus your full attention on her, she will begin to feel like the Goddess that she is. (more)

Your Brain on Sex

woman having an orgasm‘There is a physiological effect when you become sexually a­roused,’ says Sari Locker, Ph.D. sex educator. ‘Blood flows away from the brain and into the gen­itals.’ Great for your genitals, but what if you need to use your brain?

When you relax and fully sur­render to pleasure, you become immersed in all those warm and wonderful sensations cursing through your body. Continue Reading »