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RollingTickle2Lokita Carter, world-renowned tantra teacher, has shared a fantastic article on the basics of tantra and tantric sex positions. She also shares user-friendly instructions for 3 tantric positions. This article is quickly becoming the most viewed on SexCoaching.com. I hope you’ll take a look, too!

Tantric Sex Positions

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YCBedProblems200Don’t let a lack of female self-lubrication create (performance) anxiety in your lovemaking. There are many factors that may hinder lubrication, including diet, medications, exercise routine, hormones, stress. Her lubrication, or lack thereof, is not a direct consequence of your lovemaking skills, or lack thereof, and is not an accurate indicator of her arousal level. Relax, you can buy it in a bottle.

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NakedSpoon Cory Silverberg is one of my favorite sex writers, and here he takes the popular issue of sex positions to new heights. Like Cory, I have responded with “that depends” many times when asked about “the best” sex positions.

The following articles from SexCoaching.com offer additional insights:
The Best Sex Positions and the Top 10 Mistakes Men Make During Sex
How To Spice up Your Sex Life
Tantric Sex Position

From Cory –
“Questions about sex positions are among the most common and popular questions posed to sex educators, search engines, and call-in sex advice programs. What are the newest sex positions, the most common sex positions, the best sex position? Are there recommended oral sex positions, anal sex positions, sex positions for when you’re pregnant, living with chronic pain, or prone to dizziness?” The rest of the story

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SexSecretsofEscortsNow there’s a title that grabs your attention! Veronica Monet’s Sex Secrets of Escorts – Tips from a Pro (ISBN: 1592573681 Alpha Books 2005) combines matters of the heart with matters of the flesh and is a bold move forward in bridging gender differences which can create conflict between the sexes – purchase online at www.amazon.com.

Veronica’s Monet, ACS is a Certified Sexologist and Relationship Expert. She can change the channel on your love life. Veronica’s extensive media credits include CNN, CNBC, A&E, ABC’s 20/20, FOX, BillMaher’s Politically Incorrect and The New York Times.

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Shirt200 Are you sex-positive and proud of it?
Wear it with pride.
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Veronica Monet, ACS

Veronica Monet, ACS

Veronica Monet shares her thoughts and her passion regarding
How Our Fear of Sex is Destroying the Planet Veronica Monet, ACS

And you thought global warming was the problem? Well, it is one of many major crises facing us today. You can add to that what seems to be a very human inability to avoid war and don’t for­get the AIDS epidemic. Plus human history is littered with rape and murder. Violence seems almost a genetic predis­position which we can’t control. This year, the United States surpassed all the other nations of the world in the percentage of its citi­zens who are currently incarcerated. (more…)

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redchilipepperblacksmoke2002Sometimes I really crack myself up.

In the words of Anais Nin –
“We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.”

I’ll share about my recent experience at Chili’s – a favorite restaurant.   My friend and I got settled in our booth and then I noticed the stack of drink coasters. I picked one up and read, “Never the wrong color. Never the wrong size.”  Being a Sex and Intimacy Coach who strongly supports diversity…  You guessed it, my first impression was, “Isn’t that nice, they are making a diversity statement. Wow! Chili’s is really out there.” (more…)

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